Pressure Washing

We offer a full range of Pressure Washing services.

This includes Driveway Cleaning, Patio Cleaning as well as Decking & Fencing Cleaning.
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Driveway Cleaning

If you have a tired looking tarmac driveway or service area which needs bringing back to life, don’t get it replaced, get it painted!

AMANTODO offer a protective coating to seal over existing tarmac surfaces.

First of all the surface is cleaned using the same high pressure cleaning equipment, with the pressure turned down to prevent any damage. Once cleaned, any gaps or loose areas can be in-filled and repaired with a cold tarmac repair kit, and tamped down flat.

Once the area has been prepared a surface paint/sealant can be applied by brush and roller to a colour of your choice.

Tennis courts are a popular area to receive this particular treatment, sealing in red and green suits the area and can bring a dull space back to life for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire surface!

Patio Cleaning

Our patio cleaning services are professional, fast and well-priced.

After your paving, driveway or concrete area has had our high pressure cleaning treatment, we can apply a high quality sealer for paver sealing and protect them for years to come.

This will also enhance the look of the pavers for years and protect them from potential stains such as grease, oil, BBQ fats and even red wine!

Even the dirtiest of areas which have been unloved for years can be worth a quick wash!

Decking & Fence Cleaning

Cleaning decking and fencing is one of the most popular high pressure cleaning services.

If you have a wooden decking or fence that hasn’t been cleaned recently, you need to consider having it cleaned and sealed before the wood becomes damaged.

Restoring a fence or decked area is a much simpler process if the wood is still in good condition and can save you a fortune in replacement costs if done on a regular basis.

Has your decking got areas where you know that if you cross it on a damp day, you need to watch your step? Not only is this annoying, it is damaging, unsightly, and obviously dangerous!

This is because of surface fungus which can be removed with high pressure cleaning, and eradicated when sealed. The sooner you act to remove it, the longer it will be before you need to replace the decking! (And much cheaper too)!

The main things involved in wood restoration is the fence and deck cleaning process and the wood sealing steps and products to do the job. Both these steps go hand in hand with each other to accomplish a common goal: a beautiful long lasting deck.

To get this type of result it is important to first start with a clean decking so that the wood stains or sealers can bond to the woods surface as intended.

This ensures maximum protection from nature. Most fences do not require a stain, unless specifically required. They will last longer with just a good water seal applied with an airless sprayer.

Wooden surfaces can be damaged by pressure washing when using the wrong technique. If the pressure is too high or the jet of water too close to the surface, the wood can splinter and tear into a very rough surface, which is no good for the decking, or you!

That is why AMANTODO can provide a service with adjustable equipment and experienced operatives to produce the best possible finish for a longer lasting and safer decked area.

Areas Covered

We offer our services throughout Somerset and the South-West of England including: –

  • Weston-super-Mare

  • Burnham-on-Sea

  • Bridgwater

  • Taunton

  • Bristol

  • Portishead

  • Clevedon

  • Wells

  • Glastonbury

  • Street

  • Gloucester

  • Stroud

  • Cheltenham

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